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Westshore HR Consulting
Westshore HR Consultant Joyh Ferst

Meet Joy  Ferst: 
President of Westshore HR Consulting

Transforming Businesses through Strategic HR Leadership

As the President of Westshore HR Consulting, Joy Ferst brings over two decades of HR leadership and consulting expertise to the forefront. With a proven track record of shaping and executing successful HR strategies that harmonize with business goals, Joy is a trusted advisor to senior executives and a collaborative partner across cross-functional teams. Her unwavering commitment centers on driving HR functions to deliver tangible value and impactful outcomes for organizations.

Joy's diverse experience spans various industries, including financial services and non-profits, where she has adeptly led HR teams to thrive amidst dynamic environments. Her strategic mindset is fueled by a passion for crafting positive employee experiences and guiding organizations through intricate change management processes. This expertise has been pivotal in steering organizations through complex transformations with finesse.

Key Expertise:

  • HR Leadership/Transformation

  • Labor Negotiation

  • Client Consulting and Coaching

  • All areas of HR Operations

  • Organizational Development

  • Talent Management

  • Employee Relations

  • DEI Champion

  • Project Management

  • Change Management

  • HRIS and Data Analytics

  • Employee Engagement Leader

Joy's business impact extends from her holistic approach to human resources. Her experience has encompassed vital HR program design, implementation, and enterprise-wide standardization. As a dedicated advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), she has spearheaded programs that nurture cultures of respect and belonging. Her meticulous attention to detail, combined with her understanding of HR analytics, has led to enhancements in employee engagement, reduction in turnover rates, and overall improved organizational effectiveness.

Joy's passion for delivering results and fostering collaborative environments shines through her role as the President of Westshore HR Consulting. From culture and engagement assessments to tailored HR program design, Joy and her team provide comprehensive solutions that empower businesses to flourish. Join Joy Ferst in elevating your HR practices and unlocking the full potential of your workforce for sustained success.

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